Homeownership in 2024: to Financial Preparedness

Becoming a homeowner is a significant life milestone, and ensuring a smooth financial preparation process is key. The prospect of budgeting and saving can be overwhelming for potential homebuyers, but it doesn’t have to be. Partnering with reliable real estate professionals and understanding homeownership costs can make the journey stress-free.

1. Down Payment:

  • Start by saving for a down payment, a crucial first step in home buying.
  • Contrary to common belief, a 20% down payment is not mandatory.
  • The right amount depends on your current savings and home buying goals.
  • We can explore various loan types and down payment assistance programs tailored to your situation.
  • While a larger down payment has potential benefits, such as lower monthly payments, it may not be the best long-term investment for everyone.

2. Closing Costs:

  • Understand that closing costs are essential in the home buying process.
  • These expenses cover title searches, appraisals, and general loan-related costs.
  • Closing costs typically range from two to five percent of the mortgage.
  • I’m here to help you comprehend and budget for these costs, exploring low-cost options or seller-paid concessions.

3. Homeownership Expenses:

  • Beyond the down payment and closing costs, anticipate additional homeowner expenses.
  • Maintenance, insurance, taxes, HOA fees, and utilities are common ongoing costs.
  • Budgeting for these expenses ensures preparedness and prevents surprises.
  • Maintain a savings account for these costs and any unforeseen emergency repairs.

4. Credit Score:

  • Recognize the significance of your credit score in securing favorable mortgage terms.
  • A higher credit score often translates to lower interest rates.
  • At the start of the pre-approval process, we’ll obtain your credit report and offer guidance on improving your score if necessary.

By following these steps and working together, we can simplify the home buying process, making it a well-informed and manageable experience. Feel free to reach out for personalized assistance at any stage of your journey toward homeownership.

  1. Jesse Ryan says:

    Hi Whitney! My wife and I are looking at purchasing land to build a home in Issaquah and are working with Abe Schilperoort. He recommended connecting with you to explore lending options. Could we set up a phone call?

    I tried using the website, but it encountered an error. We could be available between 3-4pm today or tomorrow (1/24) from 9am-11am and 2pm-4pm. Thank you!

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