If you’re a Realtor who is not consistently shooting and distributing videos, you are missing out!

Here are 21 video content ideas to help you break through your audience right now:

1. Do This BEFORE Listing your Home

  • Whoever watches this is probably thinking of selling
  • Share the best practices to prepare a home for selling

2. 5 Biggest Mistakes Home Sellers Make

  • Convey the top mistakes most sellers make

3. 5 Reasons People Love Living in [neighborhood]

  • Showcases your knowledge about specific areas
  • Sellers will also see you hustling!

4. Should I Sell My House Right Now?

  • Break down the overall status of the local market
  • Be objective, pull in the audience’s trust

5. Unsolicited Video CMAs (spontaneous)

  • Screen record and send quick property value data

6. I Was in Your Neighborhood (spontaneous selfie)

  • Spontaneous “Video Sales Letter” to your past client
  • Keeps you top of mind

7. Your Neighborhood Sales Update

  • Quick market review (i.e. active and pending listings)

8. 5 Reasons You Should NOT buy in [neighborhood]

  • Put a “spin” on this: “Don’t buy in this neighborhood if you hate restaurants…”

9. Overall Market Update (quarterly)

  • Showcases your market expertise (i.e. Average Price per Sq. Foot, etc.)

10. 5 Things You Should Know BEFORE buying in [neighborhood]

  • Showcases your market expertise
  • Provides a unique perspective

11. What People Love About Living in [neighborhood] or [building]

  • Showcases your market expertise
  • Highlight the important features
  • Solidifies you as the resource and expert

12. What People Hate About Living in [neighborhood] or [building]

  • Call things out (i.e. traffic, humidity, etc.)

13. Should I Rent or Buy in [neighborhood]?

  • Break down the statistics
  • Rent vs. Own Analysis

14. Check THIS Out (spontaneously)

  • Capture short clips of various homes (i.e. kitchen, backyard, etc.)
  • People love seeing cool homes

15. Coming Soon Videos

  • Capture your upcoming listing
  • Should be done on all your listings

16. Open House Walkthroughs

  • Promote Open House in advance
  • Promote Open House actively

17. My FAVORITE Transaction

  • Share a story of a great transaction
  • Attract your OKP (“our kind of people”

18. My FUNNIEST Strategy

  • Share a humorous and transparent story
  • Consider self-deprecating humor
  • Things you can’t believe happened

19. My WORST Transaction

  • Drama draws a crowd
  • Share a transaction where everything went wrong…
  • …And how you kept it all together
  • Illustrates to your audience you can handle problems

20. Reasons I LOVE Referrals

  • Social Proof your credibility
  • Share stories of people referring you
  • Trigger your audience’s desire to refer you too

21. 5 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Create the top 5 questions you get…
  • …answer them

Upload your videos across all your social media (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok), and remember to finish each video with a CTA (Call-to-Action):

“If you’re curious about how to [prepare your home to sell faster and for more money than your neighbors], message me now and I will help you think it through”

That’s a wrap! Follow these simple ingredients if you’re procrastinating on video content:

You, Camera, Red Button, Consistency


xo- WP

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